Each and Every Product, we develop are totally Manufactured without Child Labor. Under age of 18 Years is not allowed to work in our factory premises because its strictly monitored by IMAC® and ILO®


During any Product manufacturing, which need Durable Polyurethane (PU), We use Highly Pro Performed Imported PU Material with non-woven backing.


The Micro Fibre Leather is the Abbreviation of Micro Fibre PU (polyurethane) Synthetic (faux) Leather. It is one type of Synthetic Leather. This material is non-woven fabric coating with PU (Polyurethane) Resins.


We Manufacture Top Professional Match Quality Balls, according to the Strict Quality Requirement of FIFA® QUALITY PRO Standards.


During Thermal Bonded and Hybrid Tech Balls Manufacturing, We always take care to use best quality Carcass Tech, Cotton and Yarn winded, Rubber and Butyl Bladders to improve core Durability of the Balls.


Cross Lamination adds to the Strength and Durability of the ball and checks the Tendency of Expansion or Shape Deformation so as to ensure Excellent Performance


Each and Every Sports Ball looks more Attractive and Becomes More Demanded Because of its Highly Good and Durable Printed Graphics. ROZA® HIGH CONTRAST GRAPHICS enhances visibilty for proper reads on ball trajectory and incoming passes.


Each and every ball contains Good Material during its manufacturing procedure and in that result, every Soccer Ball contains Best Rebound Ability According to the Material and According to the FIFA® QUALITY PRO Standards.


During manufacturing of our High-Tech and best Quality Futsal Balls, We always have in Mind to Make its Rebound Control According to FIFA® QUALITY PRO Standards.


We use the Best Soft Handle Grip Technology for Each of Our Handball Manufacturing, So During Game Play, ROZA® Hand balls Always give the Best Required Response, According to the Every Player’s Required Comfort.


Our very own and Popular traditional Hand Stitched Sports Balls has been Stitched with the Best Quality of Durable Thread. The Hand Stitched panels add strength, while the cross Lamination provides a more consistent shape. Hand Stitched panels with multilayered woven backing for enhanced stability and aerodynamics.


Hybrid Balls are also called Micro Stitched balls and Dual Bonded Panels – both Machine Stitched and Sealed with Glue for less water uptake.. Hybrid Balls are Stitched by using more powerful stitching machines, and Extra Foam is used inside these balls that give a soft touch. In these balls, stitches are not visible and High-Quality Hybrid Balls are also sealed to reduce the water uptake.


Say goodbye to tearing seams, ragged covers and balls going out-of-round. The Perfection Thermo’s seamless construction ensures a high durable ball with superior air retention. The panels are sealed together to minimize water absorption to avoid misshaped, water-logged balls. A seam-less thermal-bonded surface repels water and mud to create consistency in any condition.


The System is Effective Check Over The Tendency of the Balls to Expand and Deform as Each Side of all the Panels has Exclusive Tight Stitching Holding the Panels Equally Tightly.


Every Sports Ball’s Bladders are Made of Good Quality Materials and each Bladder has been manufactured with its Air Valve With Compatibility of Air-Lock Technology so the Ball will Never Get Deflated during Match Process.



The Special combination of two yarns (Spandex and Polyester) ensures a high degree of compression, encouraging natural body movement.


Stretch fabric characterized by a thin gauze inside. It is specially designed for training wear being light-weight yet warm and comfortable.


Versatile shutte-woven fabric with shower-proof characteristics thanks toa specific internal waterproofing treatment. Combined with different types of lining, it guarantees the specific warmth of each garment.


The micro perforated fabric offers maximum lightness and breath ability. Thanks to the micro filament weaving, this fabric is extremely light, a soft hand on the skin and excellent breath ability. This fabric was developed for running.


Waterproof fabric made from yarns which make the garment tear resistant and super elastic thereby ensuring maximum comfort. Specially created for rugby and other contact sports.


The jersey weave with elastane guarantees regular compression for a good body fit. The yarns of this fabric give garments excellent tear resistance paired with good elasticity which guarantees maximum comfort. Developed mainly for contact sports.


Ultra light fabric ideal for moderate wind breakers as it has been treated with a average wind-proof finish. High-tech fabric treated with a water-proof finish. Ideal for training jackets and tops to maximize performance even in bad weather conditions.


The rice-grain construction of the yarn and the interlock weave guarantee the maximum breath ability and lightness of this fabric, ideal for athletes. The yarn and weave of this fabric grant an extreme resistance to tear and abrasion. This product was created specifically for contact sports.


The micro rice-grain construction of the yarn aids breath ability and sweat evaporation in any conditions. Makes the garment extremely lightweight for high-level performance.


High-tech fabric specially designed for match kits. It’s light, very malleable. Guaranteed to dry super fast. Comfortable and tear resistant fabric. Thanks to the interlock construction which guarantees strengh and versatility of use, it is ideal for technical sportswear.


Unbrushed fabric specially designed for training wear thanks to its resistance and performance properties. Its technical properties ensure optimum performance as well as maximum comfort.


This fabric combines the hot hand grinding process with a diagonal feature that bestows high elasticity to the fabric. The fabric was expressly studied for training garments giving a comfortable fitting in every situation.