Bonus Policy

Bonus equivalent to one month’s gross salary is paid to each employee at the end of every financial year. If the service period of any employee is less than a year he will be entertained with the bonus according to the months he has worked. An additional bonus may be paid with the approval of Chief Executive/Director if the company shows more profitability in that financial year.
Education Policy

ROZA® Sports has keenly observed the importance of needy worker’s children education, because some workers cannot bear the charges of for their children’s education. The company will ensure that the all-relevant expense details (school fee, uniform, books & stationary, school bags, medical, etc) are provided to the children free of cost. To involve the parents of the children, parent teacher meetings are held once in every 2 months, in which performance of the children is discussed so that they can share ideas on further improvement in the performance of the children.
E.O.B.I Policy
It is the policy of ROZA® Sports to register each and every employee with the E.O.B.I (Employee’s old age Benefit Institution) after the probation period of 3 months. This Department pays the pension to the retired employees after completion of minimum period of 5 to 7 years of their services. For this facility Company has to pay 5% of total salaries of the employees to the E.O.B.I Department on monthly basis.
Gratuity Policy
Each employee is given gratuity equivalent to one month’s salary (last drawn) for each completed year at the end of his employment. In case of death of an employee gratuity is given to his legal heirs.
Hiring Policy
ROZA® Sports has established a system for hiring. The following points are followed:
Advertising the vacancy in newspaper, Chamber of Commerce & Industry magazine, posted on factory notice board or by factory employee relations.

A Job announcement does not specify race or gender or other personnel characteristics. Any person (within the company or its associate) who considers himself suitable for job may apply.

Race, cast, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation does not influence in hiring process.

Selection is made solely on the basis of merit. Application may be selected/rejected or deferred for future job opening.

Selected candidate hired on first three months probation period, and if the employee’s performance is satisfactory during the probation period then he becomes a permanent employee other wise the probation period may be extended.

All applications are submitted to the human resource office of the company.

Concerned department In-charge contacts with human resource department and raise the demand for new employment in his department.

Interviewers fill up candidate assessment sheet(s). Hiring decision (on the bases of education, training and/ or experience). Forwarding applications for further approval’s to concern Department.
Job description writing (by M.R/EMR/SA-8000 Manager).
Attendance & I.D cards (sometimes attendance cards are made after prohibition period).
Orientation training (general rules & regulations).
Employee’s files maintained by account department.
Employee is very much knowing about his salary after joining the job.
ROZA® Sports have non-discrimination with the employees/worker on the basis of race, colour, religion, political are all other believers in alliance.
Increment Policy
Annual increment is granted to the employees on 1st of July each year with the decided percentage according to their relevant grades.
Only those employees are eligible for the annual increment in the salary that had performed ideally through out that financial year.
An ideal performer means a person who had not received a warning notice for any misconduct or irresponsibility during the year while the assessment of ideal performance is based on the recommendations of concerned department in-charge followed by the General Manager.
Those employees who had worked less than a period of 3 months would not be entertained with the annual increment.
Special increment is given only on enhancement in the employee’s responsibilities with the approval of Director/General Manager.
Stoppage in increment may be reviewed on his good performance for at least three months. Note: Increment and grades schedule is attached herewith.
Interest FREE Loan Policy
It is the policy of ROZA® Sports to facilitate its needy employees with interest-free loans. These loans are provided to employees through the ROZA® Sports Welfare Society. Loan is applied by the employees, recommended by any member of welfare society and approved by the H.R Manager. Employees can apply for the loan maximum up to 50% of their gratuity.
The employees will be eligible for the loan on completion of at least one year of service. 

The employees are entitled with the loan only once in a year.
The employee must not have any balance remaining in his account of the previous year before applying for the new loan.
Those employees who had worked less than a period of 3 months would not be entertained with the annual increment.
Note: In case of emergency the H.R Manager is authorized to approve loan for any employee who is not eligible according to the above stated conditions.
Juvenile Worker Policy
ROZA® Sports have introduced an internal monitoring system to prevent child labor from inside the factory as well as the stitching centers. If any worker is found while monitoring whose age is less than 18 years and more than 15 years. Company will get the worker admitted him to the school and his education expenses (school fee, uniform, books & stationary, school bags, medical) will be paid by The company.
Leave Policy
Except for sick leave, employees are required to take prior permission from their manager and approved from General Manager of the company and submitted to the gate in charge. If any employee goes on the leave without the prior intimation than the leave shall be considered leave without pay. If the sick leaves are more than two, medical certificate should be attached with the leave application form. Following are the different types of leave entitlement
– Annual Leave 14
– Casual Leave 10
– Sick Leave 08
– Festival / Gazette Leave
During the probation period the employee is not entitled for any leave except Gazetted holidays.
Life Insurance Policy
ROZA® Sports provides group life insurance cover to each and every employee after the probation period of 3 months. In case of death of any employee, the insurance company pays Pak Rs: 200000/- to the legal heirs of the employee and in case of accidental death of any employee, the insurance company pays double of the above mentioned amount. Premium is paid by the company.
Over Time Policy
It is the policy of ROZA® Sports not to force any worker to do overtime.
If the Company requires the workers to do overtime then the management with the consent of workers can involve them in overtime.
A worker can do overtime maximum up to 48 hours a month.
Employees are entitled to get double the normal wages in case of working in overtime.
Calculation of overtime is based on 26 days per month.
Performance Evaluation Policy
ROZA® Sports annually conducts Performance Evaluation of the employees. Following steps may consider for this purpose
– Attendance
– Regularity
– Discipline
– Following the instructions regarding duty
– Attitude with the in charge/supervisor
– Attitude with the co-workers
Probation And Confirmation Policy
An employee selected shall be on the probation for the period of three months, which may be extended for three months, depending upon his performance. During the probationary period the probationer shall not be entitled any type of facility. During the probationary period the probationer shall not be entitled for any leave. In case he earns any leave, it would be considered with out pay. On successful completion of the probationary period an employee shall become permanent and Company will issue him an Appointment Letter.
Rest Day Policy
It is the policy of ROZA® Sports to give the employees a weekly rest day. Normally the employees are entitled with the rest day on Sunday. A few of our employees rest day is swapped from Sunday to any other day of that week with an approval from the regional labour office Government of Punjab. Encl: A copy of the approval from the regional labour office is attached.
Social Security Policy
It is the policy of ROZA® Sports to facilitate our each and every employee with the Social Security Department after the probation period of 3 months. This department provides the workers with the facility of free medical treatment in both indoor and outdoor. It also covers the medical treatment of the employee’s family for which our company has to pay 7 % of total salaries of the employees on monthly basis.
Staff Welfare Policy
ROZA® Sports is providing and contributing for the welfare of its employees in the following ways.
Marriage Grant
Company pays Rs.2, 000/- on the marriage of any worker.
Workers are paid by company Rs.1, 500/- on the marriage of their daughter or sister.
Company pays Rs.5, 000/- on the marriage of any clerical staff, in charge or supervisor.
 Company pays Rs.10, 000/- on the marriage of the managerial staff.
Medical Grant
All the employees working in ROZA® Sports are registered with the Social Security Department for the free medical facilities of themselves as well as their family members.
In case of emergency (Delivery Case) if the employee had to take his wife to the private hospital then Company may pay maximum up to 50% of the medical bill.
If the employee had to take his parents to private hospital in emergency then the Company may pay maximum up to 25% of the medical bill.
Note: All marriage and medical grants will be recommended by the members of ROZA® Welfare Society and approved by the H.R Manager.
Training and Development Policy
Training helps the employee gain the specific job related skills that ensures effective performance. In ROZA® Sports  a comprehensive plan of training is chalked out by the human resource department. Then it is handed over to the relevant departmental heads. Employees are trained through the lectures given by the departmental heads through relevant reading material and demonstrations. Special lectures are designed on Fire Fighting, ISO-9000: 2000, ISO-14001, SA-8000, etc for the awareness of our employees. ROZA® Sports use to conduct cross trainings of the employees to make them multi-skilled workers. Due to this cross training if a worker is absent even then we will have another worker to work in his place so the productivity will not suffer and management will not ask workers to do overtime.